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On immigration, foreigners and the country we love so much.

Foreigners are but humans from another land living next door to you.

Yes, we will not like the fact the proportion of locally-born Singaporeans is fast dwindling, and the people standing to your left and right speak a different language or at least with a different accent.

But the thing is this – we should stop looking at the differences between us and them, and getting ourselves all worked up. I have read the posts on socio-political websites, forums, blogs, Facebook pages and other platforms, and I find it shocking that Singaporeans are behaving this way.

We were raised to be an honest, hardworking and resilient population, that could stare adversity in the face and meet any challenge thrown at us. It was on this basis that our country grew, and we became a dignified and respectful society.

And yet our reactions, our words do not reflect the character of our people.

I am not pro-foreigner. I am pro-Singaporean, and a firm believer that Singaporeans must come first. I have served my National Service and so has my father. I was born and bred here, my favourite foods are all local, my closest friends are a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian people.

But even then, being a Singaporean who faces the same competition as the rest of the private sector, it pains me to see my fellow countrymen referring to, addressing and discussing foreigners with words that should not come from a Singaporean’s mouth.

I for one, choose to look at the issues that we are facing – employment and employability, wages and income, standards of living, costs of living, an aging population, overcrowding and housing prices – and I prefer to look at the issues, constructively criticize where I feel it is necessary, and propose solutions.

As unhappy and as threatened as we may feel, we must think rationally and logically, and express our views respectfully. We owe ourselves that much – to not stoop to the very bowels of the monster we are fighting when addressing issues.

I will continue to pose questions openly, to answer and comment where I can, but I say this to my fellow Singaporeans – we are only human, but let us be dignified, civil humans.

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